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How the Earpiece is made


Here’s what it’s about.

The Tuyaucom® intercom owes much of its success to the unusual nature of the earpiece. This is not a classic “headphones-type” or “earplug-type” earpiece, but a truly anatomical earpiece that adapts perfectly to the shape of the user’s ear.
Using the Utile'Plast® supplied with each kit, you can create your own, unique, customised earpiece that, when ready, will adapt to the anatomy of your ear and nobody else’s!
(It’s amazing what a difference there is between one person’s ear anatomy and another’s...!)
In addition, the earpiece does not need to be sewn, glued or hooked inside the helmet: you just put it in your ear!

Each person uses his or her own customised earpiece.
(If you frequently carry passengers other than the person you normally carry, it’s advisable to have another earpiece available and this is offered as an optional extra)

In this clear, simple sequence, Pierre Trotoux, the inventor of the Tuyaucom® intercom, shows us how the earpiece is customised.

  1. The Utile'Plast® is softened in boiling water for around 5 minutes. A soft, malleable, waxy or putty-like paste is thus obtained, and we can use this as a “mould”. The Utile'Plast® stays malleable for just a few minutes, then it loses its softness and becomes hard and stiff again. If you wish to reshape it, you will have to immerse it again in boiling water (you can do this as many times as you like!)
  2. Some of the Utile'Plast® obtained is shaped around the anatomical earpiece supplied.
  3. You put it in...
  4. ...and press lightly to obtain a perfect fit!

  1. It’s held in position for a few minutes ... and there you are! Your customised earpiece is ready!
  2. It retains its shape even when removed.

If ever you find the shape of your earpiece uncomfortable, because it has been made incorrectly (for example, it may have irritating sharp edges or may be too large or too thin, etc.), all you do is repeat the operation from the beginning!

Now you, too, are ready to enjoy the pleasure of travelling and being able to chat easily at the same time. You’ll no longer have those problems of slowing down to decide whether to take a detour or choose where to stop or simply to ask your co-rider to repeat what you couldn’t understand before. But watch out! There’s no on-off button here, and there’s no minimum sound-limit for listening. The Tuyaucom® intercom has such high fidelity that it “transmits” absolutely everything! You might hear curses or spontaneous remarks from those who are used to talking to themselves, for example, and you might also hear very low sounds like the chewing of gum, maybe when you’ve stopped at a crossroads!

Each kit comprises 2 earpieces and the necessary amount of UtilePlast® for making them. Single earpieces and single packs of UtilePlast® are also optionally available.

L’interfono Tuyaucom® è un prodotto di enorme successo, di sorprendente efficacia e pressoché privo di difetti. Il particolare auricolare di cui l’Interfono Tuyaucom® dispone, è la parte più rappresentativa ed importante. Si tratta di un auricolare che, una volta adattato utilizzando l’Utile Plast® fornito, diventa anatomico e personale e nessun altro può utilizzarlo, a meno che non venga prima rimodellato. Per agevolare alcuni utenti che preferiscono utilizzare l’auricolare così com’é, e cioè senza l’adattamento con l’Utile Plast® abbiamo inserito in ogni confezione contenente l'auricolare ed in tutti i kit, olte all'Utile Plast® classico, un adattatore universale standard in gomma da poter utilizzare immediatamente.
Il vantaggio principale di questo adattatore universale è il fatto di poter utilizzare l'auricolare anche con un passeggero occasionale, dato che può essere usato da chiunque e dal fatto che può essere rimosso in ogni momento per l'applicazione dell'Utile Plast®

Nell'immagine il particolare (in chiaro per esigenze fotografiche) di cui tutti gli auricolari e i kit Interfono Tuyaucom® sono forniti oltre all'Utile Plast® in dotazione normalmente.



Nella foto 1 qui sopra l'auricolare preparato con l'Utile Plast®

Nella foto 2-3-4 successive il nuovo auricolare universale.